Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization brings in lot of traffic to your business.  The right SEO process can get your web page rank at the top in the search engines.  This should not be taken for granted.  It should be worked upon! Bringing out positive results is the most difficult part.  As your traffic stream expands, you can expect to lower your costs.
There are web page optimization practices like optimizing the codes and written content in a way where other websites will talk about your brand to eventually link to your website.  Getting cited in somebody else’s work is indeed an honor – It takes quality to make this happen.  With increasing numbers of websites linking to your site, the rankings of your website will be gradually improved.
Search engine optimization is not like the paid ads on the search engines, rather they are the organic results in the search engines.  Organic results are achieved purely by relevant and authentic business content.
Search engine marketing works magic for every kind of business whose clients are searching for specific information related to your business in the online search engines like Google.  They can search for information about products, answers to specific questions, meanings in online glossaries, reviews, tips, white papers, videos, newsletters, and lot more.  And, by using search engine marketing practices effectively, we will be helping them to get the relevant answers for their queries.  When your website provides with the information they are looking for, you land up earning their trust, and they start looking at your website as the go place for that specific niche.

Here is the Challenge!

  • Nearly 50% of the users click on the first result they get in the organic search engines
  • Only 3% of the users will be clicking on the last result in the search engines
  • Only less than 1% of the users will be checking the results in the second page, which is the list of sites ranking 11 through 20
  • Therefore, to really capture decent bulk of visitors, we need to compete for the top 3 spots.
  • SEO targeted in the right way should bring about 2000 to 3000 visitors per week as opposed to just 5 or 6 visitors per week.
  • Not all search engine algorithms are the same – each one is programmed differently.

A Good SEO Campaign is powered by

  • Good quality market research
  • On-site optimization
  • Optimization of web content
  • Monitoring and tracking the results
  • Link building campaign

Good Quality Market Research

  • An exhaustive market research report should be generated in order to understand the requirements, problems, and the solutions that users for a specific niche will be looking for.
  • When users look for specific information, they are making use of a few keywords to get the results they are looking for.  We need to research in to the kind of keywords, the users will be making use of to look for the business information you are looking to sell.  We need to be targeting keywords that can bring in high volume traffic for your business.
  • We need to remember that your competitors are already online.  The quality of content like articles, videos, images, websites and blogs that your competitors are making use of should be researched to work out a plan of action to deal with your competition.

On-Site Optimization

  • On-site optimization is about creating a good website structure and a well-planned content hierarchy.
  • The content should be organized in to categories and subcategories.
  • The navigation bars should be sensibly organized in the website in a way to allow users to be able to reach all the pages effectively.
  • Making appropriate use of target keyword phrases in titles, headlines, subtitles, page description, and file names to enable search engines to understand the content type in a specific web page.
  • Creating internal links in the website between different web pages.
  • Most of the internal links are the best when they are built from keywords within the content than from the navigation areas.

Content Optimization

  • Content optimization involves adding niche-relevant, good quality, keyword rich content to the website periodically.
  • Rewriting and updating quality content with appropriate keywords also matter a great deal.
  • While doing all this, you should be cautious about unnecessary repetition as well.

Return on Investment – Monitoring and Tracking

Making use of software programs to monitor and track the number of visitors, the list of pages viewed commonly, the route of action taken by the clients, etcetera are very important to work out on the return on investment to be achieved per client.

The number of article views and downloads matter a great deal as well.

Link Building Campaign

Apart from checking in to the relevancy of keywords and quality of the web content, search engines are programmed in a way to rank only authentic and reliable sites in the first page.  Incoming links from other sites are considered to be “verification of reliability by real people” and therefore, those websites that have lot of incoming links tend to rank high in the search results.  This is achieved by:

  • Blog commenting
  • Active participation in forums
  • Press releases
  • Content development for websites
  • Working to get links from authentic sites that rank high in the search engine
  • Active participation in social networks
  • Creating link exchanges with relevant websites

Successful link building campaigns happen over a period of time.  In order to prove credibility to search engines, several thousands of links should be earned gradually over a period of time.  The campaign that is meant to achieve this should be well-organized and scheduled to be worked on over a period of time.  This campaign should consist of a well-structured plan of action to develop links from diverse geographical locations.
The SEO and link building campaign is indeed lot of work.  Hire a seasoned SEO team to make things work for you.