Pay Per Click

It takes experience to handle the PPC management process successfully. This is because the Pay Per Click management is complex and detailed. If you are looking for professionals working with an experienced team in order to be successful in your Adwords campaign then you are at the right place.
We customize PPC management programs to suit your personal business needs. We can help you identify the right PPC management program based on the geographic areas you are looking to cover for your business. Whether you are looking to target locally, state wise, country wise or across nations, we can help you with PPC management across several networks.
We are proactive through every step of your PPC management campaign. We help you choose best keywords, manage bids for superior placement of ads, and eventually bring in good returns on investment. We help you combine SEO and PPC in to a single successful campaign. This is a great way to increase organic and paid traffic.

The Services We Provide:

The services we provide includes but is not limited to…

Structuring the Campaign

We customize Google Adwords campaign to suit your business. We split your campaign in to mini-ad campaigns that are executed through set mile stones. We monitor the campaign for spends via valid budgeting, and we check in to how the campaign efforts convert to real-time business traffic. Thereby we provide you with a valid report on the return on investment in your advertising efforts.

Keyword Research

Customer needs are reflected in the keyword searches. We correlate market trends with keyword searches and we further narrow down to identifying the keywords that are major conversion points for your business – we also carry out a competitive analysis for the keywords important for your business and we create a powerful set of keyword list to promote your business.

Competitive Analysis

We analyze your competition deeply. We research in to their ads and related keywords to decide on what makes them win. We create ad copies that eventually can help you run ahead of your competition, thereby winning big businesses.
Negative Keywords
Working on keywords that are not relevant to your business is indeed a waste of time and resource. We research and identify negative keywords and we exclude them from the campaign and we ensure that your keywords and ads are shown to relevant audience.

Ads Copywriting

Writing professional advertisement copies is crucial for the success of your ad campaigns. We help with writing, tweaking, optimizing, and improving on your ads for relevant click through rates. We consistently work on improving the quality of your advertisement campaigns.

Ad Split Testing

In order to achieve target ad goals in quality and quantity by improving on relevant click rates. We consistently run variations of your ads thereby testing them for strength of business conversion. This eventually improves your click through rates. Thereby, helping you achieve your conversion goals.

Bid Management

The position of the ads and their conversion is crucial when it comes to return on investment and the success of the business. We keep working on the bids for different keywords in order to balance spending versus return.

Landing Page Optimization

Keywords and ad groups in the campaign should be directed to the most relevant landing pages. The landing pages should be tweaked in a way to engage users who have landed on the web page via a specific keyword based ad, thereby favoring goal conversion for the ads that has led the user to a specific landing page.

Landing Page Experiments

There are landing pages in a website that serve as the point of sale for a specific business. We experiment the point-of-sale landing page by split testing methods to improve on the sales conversion. This is very crucial to convert website visitors to sales.

Advanced Campaigns

Advanced Adwords campaigns are meant for those who are not satisfied with the already existing campaign and this is also meant for those who are looking for an ever higher sales. We help with remarketing. We also offer display network campaigns, product listing campaigns, display advertising in you tube and more.

Advanced Targeting

The target placements for your Adwords should be analyzed and improved to suit changing trends. We help with display network campaigns that can be used to improve on your conversions.

Monitoring and Reporting

You need to check in to the key metrics centered round the Adwords campaign, which is about the cost involved per click, the position of the Ads, the variations of Ads, the clicks, impressions, and conversions. We help you to track most of the campaign data eventually maintaining a clear idea about the leads, contacts and the amount of sales achieved so far. In depth and advanced reporting process helps us to work with best keywords and thereby making good returns for the money spent towards advertisement.


You can always contact us on email, Skype and Phone in order to discuss and think creatively as a team to help your business progress. We are forever ready to answer your queries.
While PPC has been around for quite a long time now, it is all about doing it right without automating the whole process. The touch of human monitoring is an important catalyst in the success of any program. We help you with it. Get in touch with us to know more.