Multilingual Search Marketing

It is a common belief system that the internet is completely about English and users searching in English; however, there are more than billion users who make Google searches in other languages in Google. Nearly 50% of the internet searches are in languages other than English. Chinese, Japanese, Spanish are just a few to name.
Being able to market in foreign languages can help reach out to global audience. The market is really huge for any business trying multilingual search marketing. Multilingual Search Marketing is more than simply translating keywords and content. It takes equal amount of marketing efforts in local languages when dealing with marketing localized websites like it would in English.
When it is about dealing with search engines in a multilingual platform we need to be working in showing up in local results that varies in terms of country, city, and even a particular location. Similarly, whether it is for organic multilingual ranking by making use of SEO or paid search inclusion there are several factors to be considered, like the quality of the content, the social activity, the quality of competition, and many other things.
Whether your business is small or big, we can help your localized website catch up high in page ranks to reach out to your multilingual client base, far better than your competition. We can make this happen regardless of whether you are already established, just starting off, or are having to deal with hard competition. We help with all niches.

Customized Multilingual Search Marketing

Multilingual Search Marketing is not about just translating the already existing contents and Adwords. It should be started off from scratch and every aspect of marketing should be worked out in the language to be marketed in a way to suit the language and country. This is because something that works in one language might not work in another language. We have been dealing with local SEO for quite some years now. We can surely deliver positive ROI.

Our multilingual services include, but are not limited to:

  • Language based Keyword Research – We perform comprehensive keyword research in the language that should be used in the optimization process. We match up keyword phrases with customer needs, market trends, and results of the competitive analysis for a specific country.
  • Language based Website Structure Optimization – We analyze the architecture of your website, the quality of navigation bars, the program used to code the language search, the server configuration and other factors. We periodically suggest minor or major changes as needed to ensure better indexing of the pages for the specific language search.
  • Content Development – We create quality content in the language to be optimized in a consistent manner. We have a network of experienced content developers who can create content in multiple languages (more than 50 languages)
  • Marketing Inbound Links – We research and identify appropriate authority websites in the language to be worked on. We develop content and create valid links to the homepage, blogs and web content pages as required.
  • Social Profiles – We create Social Media profiles in the language in which optimization is required. We update and post articles, news and teasers in order to reach out to the audience of that particular language.
  • Content To Deal With Competition – During specific seasons or events it might be necessary to produce additional content like articles, press releases, videos, Wiki pages, etcetera and we will offer to do them as required.
  • Engaging Users – We consistently monitor web visitors and their activities in the website to improve on what they are looking for in the website. We setup Analytics Goals with regular milestones in order to measure success. We do what it takes to deal with bounce rates and we do what it takes to improve time spent, and overall visitor satisfaction.
  • Ads Copywriting – We understand the importance of professional copywriting for Ads to suit the cultural trends of the to-be audience in multiple languages. We do it as required for multiple languages with a clear insight in to the cultural pulse.
  • Setting up PPC Campaigns – We set up PPC campaigns for multiple languages to be delivered across multiple countries. We monitor budgeting and conversion for individual languages accordingly.
  • Optimization of Campaigns – We closely monitor all the advertising campaigns and perform conversion rate optimization processes in all of the programs.
  • Reporting – We provide our clients with a detailed report of the advertising efforts. We reveal everything from keyword performance, variations in advertisements, landing pages, lead generation and ROI in each language.

Multilingual search marketing requires a multifaceted approach in each phase of the marketing process. By making use of a professional team with hard core experience in dealing with a multilingual market you can cut off wrong advertising efforts. You are at the right place already and all you need to be doing is to get in touch with us.