Email Campaigns

The effectiveness of email campaigns is measured by the conversion rate. Conversion tracking is very important when it comes to dealing with e-mail campaigns. Macro and micro conversions delivered by e-mail campaigns should be assessed to arrive at the complete business value of campaign efforts. Rather than putting all doubts to rest, it is important to work out a stable strategy to achieve more than single digit conversions in e-mail campaigns.
If there was 50% conversion, what about the rest of the population that did not convert? Was the lack of conversion due to:

  • Mailbox overload due to spam
  • List fatigue
  • High unsubscribe rates
  • False positives
  • Negative consumer perceptions

We research in to the quality of e-mail campaigns and we help you work beyond the false positives in e-mail marketing. We make some serious considerations in making things really work for the specific niche you might be working with.

  • We do what it takes to earn subscriber trust
  • We consider responsive e-mail designs seriously

We test, refine, and apply a careful methodology… and we repeat this over and over, until the required results are achieved. More than just providing our clients with a completely automated e-mail marketing campaign, we deal with the entire process with human intervention guided automation on a consistent basis.